Choose a Supervisor

We set high standards for our supervisors – all have completed a rigorous recruitment process and are required to meet our stringent Good Practice Guidelines.

In order to help you find a suitable supervisor:

  1. We have grouped our supervisors according to their specialisms. Select the most appropriate category for you from our table below.
  2. You will then see which supervisors are available and unavailable within that specialism.
  3. Clicking on each picture will enable you to read their profile.
  4. When you have chosen a first and second choice from available supervisors, you should then go on to make an application by visiting: Apply for Supervision.

The Cindy Cooper Bursary fund aspires to make mindfulness-based supervision accessible to mindfulness-based teachers. Read more about about bursary-assisted supervision.

By Programme:  







1-1 Work 

By Population:  

Clinical and NHS 


Educational and other settings relating to young people, families and carers 

General Public

Mindfulness in a therapeutic context

Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP)


For Trainees: 

Students on training programmes (with organisations listed with BAMBA)

Different Languages: 









If you are a supervisor looking for supervision, we have a small group of highly experienced supra-visors to choose from. We can also offer group supra-vision online, see below.

Read more about the concept and application of supra-vision at the Mindfulness Network.

Group Supervision / Supra-vision

Group sessions involve 4-6 people (minimum 4) for a block of four sessions each lasting 1 ½ hours. The cost varies according to how many people are in the group.

If you are interested in joining a group supervision / supra-vision please contact You will then be registered on our Community site to access more information and make contact with the available group supervisors.

Read more about why we offer Group Supervision.

2023 dates

NB: There may be opportunities for Group Supervision outside of these times – if there are enough people with a similar interest then we will allocate a supervisor to set up a new group.