Pang Jun 庞军

Pang Jun

I offer supervision in Mandarin and Cantonese

I am a psychological counselor and social worker in Guangzhou China, and I am working in my own agency called Guangzhou Juenian consultant service Ltd.

As well as a certified MBCT teacher of the Oxford Mindfulness Center, I am also trained in Mindfulness-Based Supervision through the Mindfulness Network.

I have extensive experience teaching MBCT for workplaces, rehabilitated patients of anxiety and depression, and general populations. In addition to that, I am also teaching children’s mindfulness in primary school in part-time courses.

· 我是一名在中国广州的心理咨询师,也是一名社工师,我开办了一间咨询机构叫广州市觉念咨询服务有限公司,主要工作是做心理咨询和带领正念课程。

· 我是英国牛津正念中心认证的正念认知(MBCT)老师,我也经由英国the Mindfulness Network完成督导培训。我有丰富的带领MBCT团体课程的经验,包括在医院、学校、企业,也有带领焦虑和抑郁的康复患者和一般的公众。我也有在小学兼职带领儿童正念的课程。



· Certified psychological counselor by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China.

· Certified assistant social worker by Ministry of Civil Affairs of China.

· Master of Art of Management.


· Master of Art of Tourism and Hotel management (Schiller International University (London)

· Schiller国际大学(伦敦)旅游与酒店管理硕士

Teaching-Training Specialisms


· MBCT for clinical and non-clinical populations

· MBCT-L for non-clinical populations

· MBP’s for children and young people


· MBCT 临床与非临床人群

· MBCT-L 非临床人群

· 基于正念的项目用于儿童和青少年


· MBCT (Competency Assessment Certificate)

· MBCT-L (trained teacher)

· Children Mindfulness Brain Development Curriculum (trained teacher)


· MBCT 认证教师

· MBCT-L合格教師

· 儿童正念大脑开发课程教师

Supervision Experience

· Since 2021, supervising mindfulness-based trainees and teachers

· Three-day training in mindfulness-based supervision

· Training with MBI: TAC(level one and two)

· Since 2021, under supra-vision with a Mindfulness Network supra-visor


· 自2021年起开展MBCT和MBCT-L的督导工作

· 完成三日的督导培训工作坊

· MBI:TAC 培训(水平一和二)

· 自2020年起,持续接受Mindfulness Network 的Supra-vision

Supervision Specialisms

· MBCT-D for clinical populations and non-clinical populations

· MBCT-L for non-clinical populations

· MBP’s in school and children

· Supra-Vision


· MBCT-D 临床与非临床人群

· MBCT-L 非临床人群

· 儿童正念项目(学校与教育)

· Supra-Vision

Supervision Rates

1-hour individual session – RMB680(680元/小时)

½ hour individual session – RMB350(350元/半小时)

Please see our Supervision FAQs for more details on the cost of supervision.

Personal Practice

My interest in mindfulness began in 2008 when I had chance to practice yoga and meditation. I subsequently trained as a mindfulness teacher and, more recently, a supervisor. Since 2012, I have attended insight meditation retreats guided by mindfulness teachers or Buddha dharma vipassana retreat regularly. As well as retreats, I regularly practice yoga, Taiichi and mindfulness, which cultivate steady and grounded qualities to get through all those difficult and challenging situations. I really appreciate mindfulness and my own practice.


Research Activities and Interests

My research focuses on MBCT for the well-being of emotional disorder patients(depression and anxiety etc,) and medical professionals. And MBP’s in young children and students.