Tina Ma

I offer supervision in Mandarin. I’m the founder of “Human In Motion (2013)” and “Shangshang Nian (2022)”. I have 10 years group and personal working experience for the general public and enterprise training experience.

I’m a qualified MBSR teacher trained by the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2016, and MBCT & MBCT-L teacher trained by Oxford Mindfulness Center in 2018/2019. I became a certified teacher through the Oxford Teacher Competence Assessment.

I’m now focusing on Mindfulness course teaching, Mindfulness training for enterprise people, group and personal supervision. I also offer Mindfulness Based Dance/Movement courses to general public.






• MBSR teacher training, Mindfulness Center, University of Massachusetts

• MBCT-L Training workshop, Oxford Mindfulness Centre

• Finding Peace in a Frantic World course, Oxford Mindfulness Centre

• Supervisors ’training, The Mindfulness Network

• Soft skills trainer training, Schouten, Netherlands

• Detox Meditation Instructor, OWA, India


• 美国麻省大学正念减压合格师资;

• 牛津大学正念认知疗法认证师资;

• 牛津大学正念认知生活认证教师;

• 英国正念网络注册督导;

• 荷兰斯腾国际软技能培训师;

• 印度一世界学员排毒静心导师


Teaching-Training Specialisms 教学培训的专业领域


  • MBSR for general public
  • MBCT for clinical and non-clinical populations
  • MBCT-L for non-clinical populations
  • Finding Peace in a Frantic World for general public
  • Mindfulness at Work for workplace
  • Mindfulness based Dance/Movement group for general public


  • MBSR 一般大众
  • MBCT 临床与非临床人群
  • MBCT- L非临床人群
  • Finding peace in a Frantic World 一般大众
  • 工作场域的正念(Mindfulness at Work) 面对企业人群
  • 正念舞动团体(MBDMT) 面对一般大众


  • MBSR (qualified teacher)
  • MBCT,MBCT- L (certified teacher)
  • Finding Peace in a Frantic World (trained teacher)
  • Mindfulness at World (trained teacher)


  • MBSR合格师资
  • MBCT、MBCT-L 认证教师
  • 喧嚣世界的静心法(合格教师)
  • 工作领域的正念 (合格教师)


Supervision Experience

  • Since 2021, teaching/supervising mindfulness-based trainees and teachers
  • Three-day training x2 in mindfulness-based supervision (Level I & Level II)
  • Since 2021, under supra-vision with a Mindfulness Network supra-visor
  • 3 times 5-day online retreat organized by The Mindfulness Network
  • Since2023,offering group supervision for both MBCT&MBSR teachers


  • 自2021年起开展MBCT和MBCT-L的督导工作
  • 完成一阶段和二阶段3日x2的督导培训工作坊
  • 自2021年起,持续接受Mindfulness Network 的Supra-vision
  • 参加过3次英国正念网络的5日止语静修营(ZOOM)
  • 自2023年起,提供MBSR&MBCT的教师团体督导


Supervision Specialisms

  • MBCT-D for clinical populations and non-clinical populations
  • MBCT-L for non-clinical populations
  • MBSR for general public


  • MBCT-D 临床与非临床人群
  • MBCT-L 非临床人群
  • MBSR 一般大众


Supervision Rates 督导收费

1 hour individual session –RMB800元

½ hour individual session –RMB400元

Please see our Supervision FAQs for more details on the cost of supervision


Personal Practice 个人修习

Since 2010, I have been consistently promoting dance therapy courses in China, helping people reconnect with their body sensations and become aware of their habitual patterns. I have also studied in India to become a meditation instructor.

Starting from 2015, I began systematic trained in mindfulness and gradually became a mindfulness teacher and supervisor. I participate in one to two retreats each year. I also maintain a personal practice, including Tai Chi, yoga, dance, and meditation, to uphold the quality of my life and work better in serving the general public and professionals.

自2010年起,我持续地在中国推广舞动疗愈课程, 帮助人们重新连接身体感受,并觉察自己习惯性的模式。也曾在印度学习如何成为一名静心导师。



Research Activities and Interests

I am interested in the integration of mindfulness and dance/Movement Therapy.