Supervisor Training Pathway

We passionately believe that supervision is a key way of enabling mindfulness-based teachers to be the best they can be and to do their work with integrity. Supervisor training is vital for anyone who wishes to a mindfulness-based supervisor.

The Mindfulness Network delivers a range of Supervision Training and Continuing Professional Development for Supervisors.

We offer:

  • Three-day Mindfulness Supervisor Training -Level 1. This training will develop understanding, confidence and skills to enable experienced mindfulness-based teachers to step into the important role of supporting other teachers.
  • Two-day Mindfulness Supervisor Training – Level 2. This training builds upon the level 1 training and include supervising in group formats.
  • Supra-vision. We have a team of supervisors who are skilled in offering supervision of supervision for both individuals and small groups. For group supra-vision please contact to find out more. Read more about Supra-vision.
  • Retreats for supervisors. All MN retreats are highly suitable for supervisors and we are regularly offer a specific retreat “Drinking deeply from the well of mindfulness together”, that explores the mindfulness-based supervision framework from mindfulness practice together with other supervisors.

Visit our CALENDAR for more information about the Supervision Training and Retreats for Mindfulness-based Supervisors.