Supervisor Training Pathway


We passionately believe that supervision is a key way of enabling mindfulness-based teachers to be the best they can be and to do their work with integrity. Supervisor training and ongoing development is vital for anyone who wishes to be a mindfulness-based supervisor.


The Mindfulness Network delivers a range of Supervision Training and Continuing Professional Development for Supervisors.


supervision pathway

We offer:

  • Three-day Mindfulness Supervisor Training – Level 1. This training will develop understanding, confidence and skills to enable experienced mindfulness-based teachers to step into the important role of supporting other teachers.



  • Two-day Mindfulness Supervisor Training – Level 2. This training builds upon the level 1 training and includes supervising in group formats



  • Supra-vision. We have a team of supervisors who are skilled in offering supervision of supervision for both individuals and small groups. Read more about Supra-vision and see our available supervisors. For group supra-vision please contact to find out more.
  • Retreats for supervisors. All MN retreats are highly suitable for supervisors and we regularly offer a specific retreat “Drinking deeply from the well of mindfulness together”, that explores the mindfulness-based supervision framework from mindfulness practice together with other supervisors.




The Mindfulness Network is committed to ensuring that our services are as accessible and inclusive as possible. The Cindy Cooper Bursary for Supervision is available to support mindfulness-based teachers accessing Supervision and Supra-vision. Bursary places are also available for Supervision Training or Retreats through our Events Bursary. To find out more, please visit Our Bursaries page.


Visit our CALENDAR for more information about the Supervision Training and Retreats for Mindfulness-based Supervisors.