Debbie Hu 胡慧芳

Debbie Hu 胡慧芳

I offer supervision in Mandarin.

I am the Chief of the Psychiatric Department at the Tainan Municipal Hospital in Taiwan. I specialise in child and adolescent psychiatry and psycho-oncology. I am also a university lecturer.

As well as a certified MBCT teacher and a trainer through the Oxford Mindfulness Center, I am also trained in Mindfulness-Based Supervision through the Mindfulness Network.

I have extensive experience teaching the MBCT family programmes for cancer patients, workplaces, university students, healthcare professionals, and general populations. In addition to that, I am also a MiSP .b and paws b teacher for children and teenagers.


我是英國牛津正念中心認證之正念認知(MBCT)的老師及培訓師。我也經由英國the Mindfulness Network 完成督導訓練。我帶領各種MBCT 團體經驗豐富,包括了癌症患者,工作職場, 大學生,醫療專業人員,及一般大眾。我也是英國靜觀校園計畫兒童青少年.b 和 paws b 課程講師。



  • Specialist of Psychiatrist, Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry (TSP)
  • Specialist of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Taiwanese Society of Child and Adolescents Psychiatry (TSCAP)
  • Certified Fellow in Taiwan Psycho-oncology Society (CF-TPOS)
  • Medical degree (MD)
  • 精神科專科醫師, 台灣精神醫學會
  • 兒童青少年精神科專科醫師, 台灣兒童青少年精神醫學會
  • 心理腫瘤專家證書, 台灣心理腫瘤學學會
  • 醫科畢業證書


  • Masters in Science (Behavioural Science) (Kaohsiung Medical University)
  • 高雄醫學大學理學碩士 (行為科學)

Teaching-Training Specialisms


  • MBCT for clinical and non-clinical populations
  • MBCT-L for non-clinical populations
  • Finding Peace in a Frantic World in university students
  • Taking It Further in general populations
  • MBCT for Cancer for clinical population
  • MBI’s for staff teams, healthcare professionals, and school teachers
  • MBI’s for children and young people


  • MBCT 臨床與非臨床人群
  • MBCT-L 非臨床人群
  • Finding Peace in a Frantic World 大學生和研究生
  • Taking It Further 一般大眾
  • MBCT for Cancer 用於癌症人群
  • 正念介入療法用於員工團隊, 健康專業人員, 和學校老師
  • 正念介入療法用於兒童與青少年


  • MBCT (Competency Assessment Certificate)
  • MBCT-L, Finding Peace in a Frantic World, Taking It Further (trained teacher)
  • MBCT for Cancer (trained teacher)
  • MB-EAT (Mindfulness-based Eating Awareness Training) (trained teacher)
  • MSCP (Mindful Self Care Program) (trained teacher)
  • Mindfulness in Schools (trained .b and paws b teacher)


  • MBCT 認證教師
  • MBCT-L, Finding Peace in a Frantic World, Taking It Further 合格教師
  • MBCT for Cancer 合格教師
  • MB-EAT 合格教師
  • MSCP 合格教師
  • 靜觀校園計畫.b 和 paws b 合格教師

Supervision Experience

  • Since 1993, clinical supervision for mental health professionals
  • Since 2020, teaching/supervising mindfulness-based trainees and teachers
  • Three-day training in mindfulness-based supervision
  • Training with MBI: TAC
  • Since 2020, under supra-vision with a Mindfulness Network supra-visor


  • 自1993年起 臨床督導精神衛生相關專業人員
  • 自2020年起參與正念教師的督導和培訓工作
  • 完成三日的督導訓練工作坊
  • MBI:TAC 訓練
  • 自2020年起,持續接受Mindfulness Network 的Supra-vision

Supervision Specialisms

  • MBCT-D for clinical populations
  • MBCT-L and Finding Peace in a Frantic World for non-clinical populations
  • MBI’s in workplace settings
  • Supra-Vision


  • MBCT-D 臨床人群
  • MBCT-L 和 Finding Peace in a Frantic World 非臨床人群
  • 工作職場的正念介入課程
  • Supra-Vision

Supervision Rates

1-hour individual session – £50-£60

½ hour individual session – £25-£35

Please see our Supervision FAQs for more details on the cost of supervision.

Personal Practice

My interest in mindfulness began in 2012 when I started working with the cancer population. I subsequently trained as a mindfulness teacher and, more recently, a trainer and supervisor. I have attended insight meditation retreats guided by mindfulness teachers regularly. As well as retreats, I regularly meditate, which provide precious opportunities to cultivate steady and grounded qualities in extended and challenging conditions.


Research Activities and Interests

My research focuses on MBCT for the well-being of cancer patients, young students, and medical professionals.