Lokadhī Lloyd

Lokadhī Lloyd

The principle strands of my working life – mindfulness teacher and supervisor, and psychotherapist/counsellor – are underpinned by a personal meditation practice going back to the late 80s, informed by a commitment to the value of inquiry and self-inquiry, and inspired by the potential of mindfulness to change lives.

Based in London, most of my supervisory work is done over Zoom video.

I’ve taught since 2006 – principally MBCT (also MBSR and Breathworks) to general populations – and have supervised since 2013. I also provide mentoring for mindfulness projects and programmes modified to meet the needs of specific populations.

I’m specifically interested in how body-based awareness, and self-compassion, function through mindfulness teachers as experiential learning for our course participants, with inquiry being central to these processes. I have a long-standing personal yoga practice and commitment to exploring mindfulness through movement.

I have a particular interest in the role of groups in communicating mindfulness-based approaches and supporting, deepening and inspiring practice. Groups I have facilitated include an ongoing monthly mindfulness-based group for health professionals, teachers, therapists and others committed to bringing mindfulness into their work, as well as weekly mindfulness practice and therapy groups. I’m a member of an ongoing group for trainers, facilitators and therapists run by Gaie Houston, author of ‘The Little Red Book of Groups.’

As well as stand-alone practice days and eight-week courses, I run three-week top-up courses designed to support people in expanding and deepening their mindfulness practice. I also offer inquiry workshops for mindfulness teachers and trainee teachers.


  • BAMBA list for Mindfulness-based Teachers
  • Mindfulness Supervision Training, Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP), 2012 and 2013
  • post-graduate training in group facilitation, 2012
  • Mindfulness-based Approaches, Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP), Bangor, 2010 (distinction in Mindfulness and Individual Therapy)
  • Counselling (Psychosynthesis), 2010; MBACP 2011 (accreditation pending)
  • Teacher Development Training retreats, CMRP, 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Breathworks Mindfulness-based Pain Management teacher training 2005-2007
  • first-class honours degree and MA
  • a commitment to lifelong learning, supported by regular CPD workshops, courses and meditation retreats

Teaching-Training Specialisms

  • MBCT for general populations
  • follow-up courses and stand-alone practice days
  • inquiry workshops for mindfulness teachers and trainee teachers
  • specific interest in body-based awareness, mindful self-compassion and group dynamics

Supervision Experience

  • trained in MBI-TAC, CMRP, 2012, 2013 (Cindy Cooper, Jody Mardula)
  • offered supervision since 2013
  • mentoring for mindfulness projects modified for specific populations

Supervision Specialisms

  • MBCT for general populations (experienced teachers and teachers in training)
  • specific interests: body-based awareness, self-compassion, group process, inquiry
  • supporting/mentoring experienced teachers to develop one-off mindfulness projects
  • monthly mindfulness-based group for health professionals, teachers, therapists and others committed to bringing mindfulness into their work (north London)

Supervision Rate

50-minute individual session – £60 (or pro rata)

Please see our Supervision FAQs for more details on the cost of supervision.

Personal Practice

The recognition that an established meditation practice had helped me manage chronic ill-health inspired me to embark on mindfulness teacher training. The working edges of my own practice are continually refined through supporting others – course participants, supervisees – in integrating practice with self-care and with the challenges of everyday life.

My practice is deepened and enriched through regular Buddhist retreats of up to three months’ duration. I’ve led and co-led retreats since 2009.

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