Yujing Sun 孙玉静

Yujing Sun 孙玉静

I offer supervision in Mandarin 普通话 or English英文.

I am a Certified MBSR teacher from Center of Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts, US (CFM UMSS US) and Global Mindfulness Collaborative (GMC) . I serve mindfulness-based programs to Mandarin or English-speaking populations.

From 2014 to 2019, I taught MBSR courses in English to patients in the cancer center, school of medicine, University of Vermont US. In 2015, I started to teach MBSR courses to Mandarin speaking populations, especially cancer patients. Since 2019, I have focussed my work on mindfulness teaching, providing mindfulness-based programs globally to Mandarin or English-speaking populations.

Meanwhile, I am a qualified MBCP (Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting) teacher trained from Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation, US. I am also trained in MBCT-cancer and mindfulness-based supervision through the Mindfulness Network (MN).

In 2015, I translated the book “Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery” by Linda Carlson and Michael Speca into simple Chinese and this version was published in 2016.

I am the founder of “Hope in Heart” charity foundation (from 2017) which supports cancer patients and survivors learning mindfulness and improving quality of life in China.

我是一位美国麻省大学正念中心培训并认证的MBSR 教师,同时拥有全球静观/正念协力联盟的认证MBSR教师资格。我为普通话和英文人群提供正念为基础课程服务。2014 到2019年,我和一位资深MBSR老师一起,为美国佛蒙特大学医学院癌症中心的癌症患者提供英文MBSR 课程服务。从2015年开始至今,我为中国人群提供普通话MBSR课程,特别是为癌症人群服务。2019年至今,我将自己的工作聚焦于正念教学,在全球范围内为普通话和英文人群提供正念为基础教学服务。

同时,我是一位合格的正念分娩养育课程师资,受训于美国正念分娩养育基金会。我在英国正念网络(MN) 接受了正念督导培训。


我是“心希望” 慈善基金的创始人。该慈善基金从2017年开始,资助中国癌症患者和康复者参与正念课程,促进治疗康复,提升生活质量。


  • Certified MBSR teacher from UMASS CFM and GMC
  • Trained MBCT-Cancer teacher from MN
  • Qualified MBCP teacher from Mindful Birthing and Parenting Foundation
  • Ph.D in cancer pathology from Fourth Military Medical University FMMU, China
  • Master in Pathology from FMMU, China
  • Bachler in Medicine from FMMU, China


  • 美国麻省大学正念中心MBSR 认证教师,同时拥有GMC MBSR认证教师资格
  • 英国正念网络MBCT-Cancer 培训教师
  • 美国正念分娩养育基金会合格MBCP教师
  • 第四军医大学肿瘤病理学博士, 中国
  • 第四军医大学病理学硕士, 中国
  • 第四军医大学医学本科,中国

Teacher –Training Specialisms


  • MBSR for clinical populations (especially cancer patients and survivors)
  • MBSR for health care provider
  • MBSR for general public
  • MBCP for pregnant women and partners


  • MBSR 为临床人群(特别是癌症患者和康复者)
  • MBSR 为医护人员
  • MBSR 为普通大众
  • MBCP 为怀孕妇女和伴侣服务


  • MBSR (Competency Assessment Certificate)
  • MBCR (Extensive experienced teacher in Mandarin and English)
  • MBCP (qualified teacher)


  • MBSR ( 认证师资)
  • MBCR (正念癌症康复资深师资)
  • MBCP (合格师资)

Supervision Experience

  • 2021 – Three-day training in mindfulness-based supervision at MN
  • 2021 – Five days “Drinking deeply from the Well” mindfulness supervision retreats
  • 2021 – Trained with MBI:TAC (Level one and two)
  • From 2022, under supra-vision with a senior MBSR supra-visor


  • 2021年完成三日MN正念督导培训
  • 2021 年完成五日正念督导退修营
  • 2021 MBI:TAC 培训(一阶和二阶)
  • 2022年开始,接受资深MBSR督导师的Supra-vision

Supervision Specialism 督导专业领域

  • MBSR for clinical population especially cancer patients and survivors
  • MBSR for health care providers
  • MBSR for general population
  • MBSR 为临床人群(特别是癌症患者和康复者)
  • MBSR 为医护人员
  • MBSR 为普通大众

Supervision Rates

1-hour individual session – RMB680(680元/小时)

½ hour individual session – RMB350(350元/半小时)

Please see our Supervision FAQs for more details on the cost of supervision.

Personal Practice

I started mindfulness practice in 2010. Now, daily practice, inducing sitting, walking and Yoga, is my way to live my life and support my personal health and well-being. Since 2013, I have attended at least one 7-day silent retreat annually to deepen my personal practice. I am a student learning insight meditation from Insight Meditation Society, MA US (IMS) and Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS), MA US. I regularly attend workshops and courses from these centers and am actively involved in group sitting and peer practice.


Research Activities and Interests 科研和兴趣

I have more than twenty years research experience in cancer immunology, and I have been involved in mindfulness research since 2018. My research focuses on Mindfulness programs tailored for chronic diseases population especially cancer patients, and health care providers. My interest is to increase the well-being of people influenced by chronic disease like cancer, to support treatment and improve overall quality of life.


Further information

Email: sunnyinvitation@126.com

Website: http://www.sunnyinvitation.com